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Not only is it very buggy to the point of being non-functional, this app wants to charge you to read articles from free-to-read websites like The Verge and Techcrunch. Sorry Sloth, you lost my upvote. TL;DR -- Download Feedly instead.
@cameron_lewis Hi Cameron! Thanks for your feedback, could you be more specific about the bugs that you found? I tested Sloth News a lot before releasing it (with a lot of people and on different phones) and I couldn't find any bugs. It would really help me if you could indicate me what was buggy for you. I chose not to put ads on this app because I don’t like using nicely looking apps that contain ugly ads. I feel like paying 99 cents to access all the news sources of Sloth News is fine if you like the app, and it is also a way to support the developer (me). However I completely understand that you don’t want to pay to access to articles that you can find for free on the internet.
@cameron_lewis *Disclaimer, it's my app **Disclaimer for disclaimer, this is not my business, so while it's pretty reliable, can't promise future feature releases *** Never talk about fight club
I'm disappointed this isn't sloth-related news.
YES! Awesome. I always kept thinking when would someone make an app like this, or should I try to make one. Thank you, this looks great. Looking forward to the experience!
@hipreetam93 Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it!
Tip for the creators of this app: don't hide the 'download app' link under your side menu if that's the main action you want people to take (assuming you guys want to be downloaded)...When I landed on your site it took me a lot of scrolls and taps to find the link, not sure everyone else would do it.
@murilocappucci Great tip thank you! I will correct this ASAP!
I paid for the premium news sources just to try the app and see if it's good. 99 cents is not bad but the app is buggy so far. I can't add the sources to my profile as it keeps popping up Restore Successful notification and it doesn't go away. It needs a fix.
@ibabagugu Thanks ! The fix has been submitted to the app store yesterday, it should arrive really soon!
@ibabagugu The update has been released! Everything should be working by now! Sorry for this bug