Edit Portrait Mode Photos in iOS 11

An iOS 11 app that lets you:

› Adjust background blur.

› Adjust focus point.

› Combine effects like a radial lens blur and tilt shift.

› Preview depth information.

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1 Review5.0/5
I had the pleasure of beta testing this app from Tobias and as an iPhone 7 Plus owner it's one of those apps that really expands on the functionality of a feature I use often. The ability to edit focus points in portrait shots along with finetuning background blur just adds a whole new depth (pun intended) to editing.
I instantly fell in love with the Portrait Mode effect on the iPhone 7 Plus last year. It made the me replace my DSLR for the phone as my go to device for even precious moments. I really like Portrait Mode, but the lack of editing capabilities left me wanting more. When the new depth APIs were announced at WWDC this year, I instantly knew that I had to make Slør happen. So glad it's finally here 🎉 If you have any questions about the use of the Depth API in iOS 11 or anything else actually, let me know.