Track your edge skiing and snowboarding

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damn it, can't wait to get on my skis and can't wait to try this app, looks amazing.
@ayrtonbe you could've used this recently!!!
How is this better/unique/different then Ski Tracks ( ?
@matthaltom I actually used Ski Tracks before I wrote Slopes. Biggest improvement is the way the recaps of your day are organized. Interactive timeline & 3d replays. Ski Tracks always involved a lot of flipping around between screens to figure out where I was when I hit that speed on a run. It kinda felt like a snowboarder told an engineer what it'd need to do, and they took a best stab at it, but never felt designed by a snowboarder and the way we think about our days. Slopes also supports Apple Watch, Pebble, integrates with Health Kit, shows lift time vs run time vs rest time, and more. In the future (next release) I'm adding lift naming, which is something Ski Tracks doesn't support.
Nice, I really like the gamification in the EpicMix app, so would highly recommend fleshing that out further as it really bolsters my usage as does the social comparison metrics for what my friends have done. Nice part about this one is it counts vert on all the ski areas. My only concern would be on battery usage as phones tend to struggle for signals in ski areas. Otherwise cool!
@colingardiner Slopes actually gets 14 hours of battery life on an iPhone 5. It doesn't require an internet connection, so you can safely turn cell off if you want. I really want to add in leaderboard kinda stuff, achievements unique to resorts, etc. Now that I have a concept of an account in Slopes, I'll probably go down that road in the future.
@parrots @colingardiner Nice on the battery life. I usually use my Suunto watch to get the most accurate data but will try this out now. Have a trip to Beaver Creek for 5 days coming up, so will do some field testing.

If you're into selfquantified stuff you shoud give it a try !


It's the strava of skiing ! Easy to use, auto detect rides, uphill ans queuses.


I would love to pay to export those 3D maps as video or gif file.