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Slope helps you track your money so you can make smarter financial decisions.

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m a senior in college and I built this because I noticed none of my friends track their money. Slope was born out of the belief that I could make a better finance app. I just didn’t think anyone had really nailed the user experience yet. Slope improves on existing finance tracking apps in three key ways: 1. Extremely Fast Transaction Input I’m the kind of person that wants to have an active role in my finances by manually tracking what I spend money on. In order for this to happen on a daily basis, the input process has to be as seamless and efficient as possible. With Slope you can add a new transaction in less than three seconds with lightning fast autocomplete. 2. Modern, Intuitive Interaction Many expense tracking apps are cumbersome and have outdated interfaces. With Slope, your data becomes completely interactive and allows you to see your spending in the past few days, months, or years in just a few swipes. Just drag the graph to see transactions for past months. Or swipe to a different pie chart to see your categories for last month. 3. Bank Account Reconciliation Automatic expense tracking apps like Mint often mislabel and miscategorize transactions. I don’t want “Venmo” to show up in my feed, I want it to reflect what I actually spent the money on. This is why Slope can connect to your bank account and gives you the option to easily change the title or category before importing transactions. I’ve been working on this app for two years, and I skipped out on an internship at Apple to finish it this summer. So I hope you like it and I’d love to hear what you want to see! Oh, and as an added bonus, your data is completely private and never shared with anyone (like Mint or its competitors).
@mason_wolters This is a really nice idea, i have the same issue, a lot of apps out there to track your finance but they lack good reporting and easy to see month to month or week to week comparisons. Just downloaded the app, will try it in a bit, but for what i saw already is exactly what i've being looking for a while, Thanks for creating this !
@fearlex Hey Arleys, I'm glad to see someone else has the same problem! Thanks for downloading, and let me know what you think after you try it out :-)
@mason_wolters Congratulations! To me, just need split payment and create replays of entries or charge to be PERFECT!
@douglasevaristo Thanks so much! Both of these features are definitely on my to-do list, so look for them in a future update!

Visualize = making sense of data.


Having looked at dozens of budget apps this is the 1st to really deliver powerful visualizations of my finances.


would love to see a web version, not just phone.

I loved the app. I saw a lot of potential. Please allow split payment and create replays of entries or charge. Doing this will be perfect :)




Split and repeat a charge

Would happily use if you offered for Android.
@nickparsons Hey Nick, thanks for the comment! I'll let you know if I ever make an Android app, but unfortunately I'm a one man team right now with no Android skills so that looks to be in the very distant future :-(
How do you make connections to banks? I tried twice to connect my bank but failed after enter the access card and password.
@shantianyun Hi Jerry, please contact us through the app (Settings -> About -> Contact Support) and I can help you diagnose this problem right away! Let me know what bank you’re trying to connect to in your message