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Brian Bosché
@brianpbosche · CEO & Co-Founder Slope
Hi Everyone! I’m Brian, CEO & Co-Founder of Slope. Thanks @erictwillis for hunting us! Slope is a simple way for teams to manage creative work—it combines the power of basic project management with creative collaboration and review tools. Why would we build another project management tool? While we love Basecamp, Trello and similar tools, they just do… See more
Andrew Jankowski
@jankyourchain · Product Manager, MojoTech
@brianpbosche the new product looks great! Congrats on the launch! What do you think are the 1-2 features that set Slope apart from other Project/Task Management tools?
Chad Wittman
@chadwittman · VP of Product, Dolly
Love the simplicity of the tool, seems like a bit of Basecamp meets Invision for video? What's your stack?
@danielxli · Madrona Venture Group
Looks great! how does this work with sharing docs/files with people outside of the company?
Alex Spencer
@axpence · Pioneer Square Labs
Love this idea! Creatives have a reputation for being "scatterbrained" -- have you found this to be true? Also curious if Slope works for both small creative shops and agencies alike?