A job board for companies and people focused on slow growth.

A lot of companies today are very focused on “rapid growth”, being “fast growing”, staying in a “hockey stick trajectory” and talk about it as if that’s the only way to grow or reason to hire. If you’re not growing, you’re dwindling.
I've had enough of that.
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Whoa, this looks awesome, thanks for running with this idea, I think it's really important.
Slow is great. Slow is thoughtful. Slow is mindful. Slow is calm. Recently a book came out about companies who challenge this concept. Companies who say that growth doesn't just mean "more": "Company of One" by Paul Jarvis. The idea isn't necessarily new, but it's definitely challenging the status quo. I'd love to change that, but these companies, by definition, don't hire often. Unfortunately, it still is really hard to find such companies, and even harder to filter them out from the endless job posts of the "fast growing startups". This job board tries to change that, by giving people a place to find such companies, and companies a place to put their rare openings and finding like-minded people. If you know of more places/jobs to add, please let me know, I'd love to help more companies and people with this!
@brunobernardino Hey, I am not able to access your site.
@shreyasadiyodi1 Hey Shreyas, Thank you so much for reaching out! It’s below Cloudflare and GitHub, and my monitoring reports it’s fine. Do you know if you have issues accessing such sites? Is there a specific error you get? I know Cloudflare might reject temporarily if it suspects an “attack” is incoming.
@brunobernardino Hi, I tried a proxy tunnel and it worked. Probably some issue with my ISP. Thanks.
@shreyasadiyodi1 Thanks for understanding, I’m sorry about that. I use NordVPN and haven’t had issues, so I didn’t know that could be a problem.
@brunobernardino this is awesome Bruno! UI-wise could be improved, but the ideia is great. looking forward to see more companies up in there.
You should change that gradient.
@kraftykyle Thanks for your comment! Do you have a suggestion?