A Foursquare for dogs

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Just launched this week nationally. Slobbr is kind of like a 'Foursquare for dog lovers and their dogs". It lets humans and their K-9 companions easily discover, interact and engage with nearby, dog-friendly places around them! Best of all, every time you and your pup discover a new spot and check into it, Slobbr donates half a cup of kibble to a local animal shelter or rescue group! Maybe plan a K9 Crawl tonight for St. Paddy's Day!
Love the name. Also love the mission of donating food to animal shelters!
@kristofertm Thank you! Hope you download us and get to feedin' some pups in need while out living life with your dog ;-)
And a four leaf clover in the logo. Wicked smahhht!!
Hi! Michelle Fournier here, (co) Maker of Slobbr. As a founder who practices what I preach, I basically go everywhere with my dog. And as a dog industry veteran with more than 10 years experience, I know what dog owners are looking for in an app and hope you will find Slobbr has delivered! Download from iTunes, Live Life With Your Dog (and guess what, when you check in you help feed a rescue dog in need!). Happy Weekend!
@michellefslobbr been following you for ages - and now up by newburyport- love it, and just brought home a new rescue!
@michellefslobbr btw, i'd love to see some sort of "meet up" organizational tool, that could encourage massive in-app invites - been doing it on facebook already (e.g. look up will tangs "boston-boston terriers" group and meet ups )
@passingnotes YES! Do you follow us on IG? Send us a pic of your rescue, we can feature him/her! Get those Plum Island walks in before restrictions come into play!
@passingnotes We have an events option being activated soon, like really soon. It will be admin'd (if that's a word) by us to begin with but that's exactly the point as we iterate to allow people to make their events well known on Slobbr. Thank you for your support David!
The name alone is deserving of an upvote!
@thedavidlewis That makes me smile! Thank you! #DoYouSlobbr