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Ever tried to find that link your coworker shared 4 days ago? 👺 Tried Slack's search? Asked your co-worker? Scrolled much? Communication in Slack can be overwhelming and keeping track of all the interesting articles and links is sometimes daunting. Born out of this frustration is Slinky 🌈 Once added to Slack, Slinky will listen to links posted in the channels you invited him to. It carefully picks them along with emoji reactions to craft your company's board of links. Slinky even listens to emoji reactions! Use emojis like 📎 to save a link or read later, he'll keep it warm for you. In truth, you can add any emojis, Slinky will sort, filter and prioritise them all for you. No hassle, no fuss! Slack links - organised! ### I created this as a side project in my free time, trying to wrap it up into a product including some design. I mainly learned to work with the Slack API and VueJS on this project. Let me know what you think and if its helpful.
@mediavrog lovely idea - using certain reactions to trigger actions is very smart
@motdiem Thanks! It seemed like the most natural approach to me :)
This is so needed. How does it work exactly? A team member posts a link, and then the link immediately gets 'stored' or can be found on a separate dashboard within Slack?
@anthony_stylianou Cheers! The way its works: You invite the bot to all channels you want to capture the links and tell Slinky to track it to a board (e.g. dev, creative, ...). Whenever someone in that channel posts a link, Slinky will import it along with all emoji responses coming in for that one. You will then be able to see the links organized on :) Hope that cleared it up a bit
Totes trying this out today! Using emoji to index links within Slack's native architecture is a minimal & novel approach.
@kkdub Thanks Kelly for the positive feedback. Let me know if it works well for you :)
Such a needed tool! This is so great thanks Maik!
This is totally going to replace my manual #hashtag solution. Thanks @maik_u2, this is going to be very helpful.
@lcpriest Glad you find it helpful! Please use extensively and let me know if there are workflows which would help users getting even more out of it :) Cheers (btw my username here is @mediavrog)