Facebook's new ephemeral photo/video app

Slingshot allows users send a photo or video with text or drawings to another person. The recipient, however, can not open the picture without acknowledging that they want to open it and “sling” another image back to the initial sender.
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Taptalk is still easier, one click sends and no games of having to send before receiving. Slingshot also seems a _little_ too overdesigned.
I know this has been posted before, but it's now actually available.
@daveambrose was quick on the trigger to hunt this when Facebook (intentionally?) leaked this on the App Store last week. Downloading it now...
While clearly inspired by Taptalk, for me it seems to miss some of the simplicity. For example, not having a preview feature in taptalk enables a much faster, lower bar share.
Been waiting for a text message to confirm my number for a few mins.... I think they're getting hammered.