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Looking forward to answer questions all day today! Slinger has done just over 200k seconds of video watched in first 24 hours
Vertical video used to be the most frustrating thing on the web, but people really don't want to turn their phones sideways. According to Evan Spiegel in this Adweek article, advertisers on (Snapchat) see a reported nine times more engagement when their ads are vertically oriented.
Congrats on the launch, @chriscarm! As you know, I've enjoyed watching your snaps and eager to see what you do with Slinger. TNW's @ow wrote about vertical video in Portrait video is here to stay, you might as well just accept it now. What's your take on this and why do we need a platform just for vertical video?
@rrhoover Thanks for watching my Snaps! I love yours as well. I can't wait to see them on Slinger! Portrait / Vertical Video is for sure the next wave in video content creation and consumption. Snapchat did a great job of starting the vertical video trend, but it is first and foremost a platform that thrives off of disappearing content. We really think Slinger is a complement to Snapchat in that we are a "gallery" where the best content can live on forever, and Snapchat is one of many forms of "paintbrushes" that allows people to create vertical video content. Snapchat, Hyperlapse, Boomerang, Meerkat, Periscope, and SwapFacesLive are all "paintbrushes” or tools for creating incredible vertical video content; Slinger is the one central home where that content can live and thrive forever. If you check out Slinger right now, you can see that all of the top up-and-coming Snapchatters are posting all of their old stories that they’ve invested thousands and thousands of hours into creating over the past two years. Imagine if Picasso’s paintings were destroyed every 24 hours – we wouldn't know who Picasso was today. Slinger is going to birth the next wave of Internet influencers and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of it!
vervid is also a "similar product". I'm always interested in new social media apps! Especially involving video/photos. Why is this better/different than snapchat? and other similar apps?
@andypngr Snapchat has many limitations for creators to create any type of vertical video you want. Slinger isn't trying to play in the space of content creation tools. We want to be the one place where all of those videos live on forever. Snapchat lacks a place for people to truly discover new content creators and build a following. There is also very little incentive for content creators to invest time into creating content because it's always destroyed after 24 hours. Snapchat has also threatened many of its creators who were hacking the app to upload creations made outside the app. They've deleted many accounts of creators who have uploaded to Snapchat causing those creators to lose their audience. A lot of upcoming creators depend on that audience to make money via brand deals. On Slinger, **you can only upload**. We want to create an environment where creators thrive and feel like they have a home for their videos. We have a lot of respect for Vervid. We've been watching since day 1. Vervid looks like they may be spreading themselves too thin by building a product that has too many features. We built Slinger to be as simple and straight forward as possible. We've been building Slinger from day 1 with the creator in mind, first. I'm lucky to be the oldest story teller on Snapchat snapping since Jan 2014. From day one I've been thinking about Snapchat from a creator / entrepreneurial perspective and Slinger is the epitome of what is missing for creators. We think there's going to be dozens of vertical video creation tools that emerge throughout 2016 and we have some big plans in the future to integrate with them :) .
@chriscarm great explanation! Thanks! There is a definite need of a home for vertical content. Agreed on vervid. Snapchat definitely has it's place though. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!