Sling TV

Live TV (ESPN) anytime, anywhere for $20/month.

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Jimmy Douglas
Jimmy Douglas@jimmydouglas · Tesla
I constantly hear that sports is what prevents people from cutting the cable cord. Considering people are paying as much as $150-$200 for their packages, I don't see $20 per month being what hinders their success. It's all about content.
John Perkins
John PerkinsHunter@iamjohnp · Sr. Product Manager @janedeals
@jimmydouglas I totally agree. This is super exciting to me. Especially considering HBO's announcement that they will launch their "Netflix" with this next season of Game of Thrones.
John Perkins
John PerkinsHunter@iamjohnp · Sr. Product Manager @janedeals
just a quick update, i've been using this for 3-4 days now and i love it. no xbox one app quite yet, but when it's ready this will completely eliminate my need for cable tv. netflix + hulu + slingtv is ALMOST all the content i can handle for <$50/month. now i just need to know how much HBO's standalone app is going to cost me (gotta have GOT).
Kaza Razat
Kaza Razat@kazarazat · CEO & Co-Founder of
Love it. The interface needs serious work but the quality of the stream is excellent.
John Perkins
John PerkinsHunter@iamjohnp · Sr. Product Manager @janedeals
$20/month is more than I pay for Netflix and Hulu a month, combined. But if you're one of those that has cable just for ESPN, you'll likely save some money with Sling TV.
Michael Sarlitt
Michael Sarlitt@msarlitt · Growth @ HelloTalk
@iamjohnp Game changer if it really has ESPN. Can't tell you how many 20-30 somethings I know that only keep cable for this, myself included, until recently.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas@curious_founder · Making documentaries and telling stories Interesting long form article I read recently about Disney's (ESPN parent company) quest to continue to innovate. Apparently they are locked into agreements with the cable companies that prevent them from offering a better online solution. Does anyone know if HBO is in the same predicament or are they just greedy?
James Simpson
James Simpson@goldfirestudios · CEO, GoldFire Studios
@curious_founder HBO recently announced they'll be offering an HBO Go subscription that doesn't also require cable.