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J Keith HallMaker@jkhallatl · Co-Founder & Developer, theWTFactory
SlimClip Case was updated and released for iPhone 6/6S in December after some significant delays in the production. Improvements in the design, function, durability, and product experience was the ultimate result of those months of work, prototypes, and analyzing feedback of our beta version for iPhone 5/5S. Iteration is the way when it comes to product development and improvement. In software this is a quickly moving, almost daily process but with a physical product it's a more stepwise incremental improvement of the product based on feedback from early users. If you've ever been annoyed with using fitness armbands because they were too loose and constantly falling down your arm, or they were too tight, itchy, hot, or uncomfortable; you'll love SlimClip Case. We did something special for the Product Hunt community here:
Rajarshi Nigam@rajington
@jkhallatl I went to the link, got a loading indicator reminiscent of old school Flash sites but no big deal you gotta load your assets, got to the landing but I couldn't find any photos of the case (just the case, not the promotional animations) to see how slim it was, okay I'll click "buy now", new tab (bc obviously want to save my prev tab), full screen email signup, no X in top right but i found the down arrow (or scrolled), no big deal, clicked the big slimcase button, another loading indicator, this time it's about jarrer eaton slimclip, nope that's not what i wanted i guess i'll hit back (because this time it wasn't another tab...), back to the full screen email signup, now the carousel is featuring a luxbox product, go down to featured products there's a t-shirt, luxbox, luxbox, then finally the slimcase picture i was looking for (after yet of course another full screen email signup request). I get the need for emails, but it was pretty annoying for me. All I wanted was this page:
J Keith HallMaker@jkhallatl · Co-Founder & Developer, theWTFactory
@rajington Ah. Touché. Agreed. That's something we will need to work on. Quick fix. I'm sure if you're feeling this way many more have felt the same pain. Thanks for the comment.