A beautiful weight tracking app for iOS

The app name is interesting. It implies slim is desirable when for some weight tracking is a serious addiction and a health issue. Did you consider other names that were more about healthy weight vs. focusing on appearance?
@jameskoole "Slim" usually has a positive connotation. My intention was to use a positive word rather than something with a negative touch, such as "skinny". I in fact considered other names, but I found that "Slim" was short, easy to catch and obviously something many "regular" persons want to be. What's more, I believe, app names with two or more words are less easy to memorize. Nonetheless, the app can also be used if you'd like to gain weight ;-)
@josef_moser Thanks for the response. Weight and weight tracking is a touchy area for some - it's great to hear that you were thoughtful about the name. Kudos also for both the app and icon - both are stunning.
Hi Product Hunters! I'm excited to launch Slim, an all new weight tracking app for iPhone. You might think there’s already a bunch of weight trackers on the App Store, so what makes Slim special? Well, unlike many weight trackers which are very outdated or badly designed, Slim is packed with the latest iOS 8 technology such as Apple Health Sync and Touch ID. It features a clean design and a great user experience with lots of animations. Last but not least, there are some features built in to keep you motivated on the long haul: such as setting a goal and a recurring reminder or receiving reward badges once you reach your target weight. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to comment. P. S. It’s 50% off during Launch Weekend :) Best, Josef
@josef_moser Congrats on the launch! I see the app is available in multiple languages but your website isn't. Would love to talk to you about making it available in all of the languages the app is available in...reach out if you're interested.
@laurent_sabbah I'm not yet sure if I'll localize the website. Nonetheless, I sent you my contact info on Twitter ;-)
@josef_moser we often run weight loss competitions in our office. It would be great to have a feature where multiple users to link their account and see weight loss leaderboard.
@jasongurwin That's actually a quite good idea to gamify losing weight. It will require some extensions to the current app, though. Can you send me an email with your suggestion to That would be a better place to discuss this idea in more depth.