SlidesUp API

Quickly build custom experiences for your conference

#4 Product of the DayAugust 18, 2018

Use the SlidesUp API to build custom experiences for your attendees quickly. Power your website, app, and even digital displays that stay in sync and get real-time updates as soon as you change your conference data. Try SlidesUp for free by signing up here.

👋 Hey PH! We're excited to launch the SlidesUp API. SlidesUp is the hub for all your conference planning activities. With our API, you can now build on top of our platform to power your website, app, digital displays, and whatever else you can dream of. Event organizers have always wanted to collaborate with their team and market their conference as soon as they confirm speakers. With our organizer tools, anyone can build an agenda, add speakers, and manage those last minute changes. Real-time updates and synchronization across your experiences make sure your attendees know what's going on. 🚀 We're excited to see what you build with it! Try SlidesUp for free by signing up here. Happy to answer any of your questions!
Love the Digital Display option... What are some other plans on the roadmap for you? Integrated payments, ticketing, etc. I still think a professional matchmaking double opt-in app (you should meet X while here) would be awesome too. In generally in my quest to replace meetup, Eventbrite, etc. with a single app that works well I highly encourage you to keep going! FYI, discover is major, so working out how others will find someone event is key. the only reason to pay meetup and Eventbrite at this point is lead gen :D
@helloduane thanks for the support! We're focused on building tools for organizers, because we've found equipping them to do the basics makes for better events. While we don't see ticketing being on the roadmap soon, discovery and marketing certainly are :)
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