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Seamlessly generate slide decks in bulk from a CSV file.

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I have been using for the last 1 month and I would definitely recommend it to more people trying it out. The Slides by Vocus is pretty cool thing to experiment with! Good stuff ! @anaimi
@divakarpranav Thanks Pranav! very happy to hear that
People are building random products and putting on PH to get upvotes. And they get upvotes. here is the sad part: Even if these products do not add any value they still get growth and leads. But let me say this. I have not seen such a seamless and smart tool. is just kickass... Guys, I feel sad that you did not get enough upvotes here. This feature alone worth hundreds of vote.
@nishant_k_gupta completely agree with ya, vocus is probably my favorite tool... ever. They simply just get it right without the bloat 😄 so excited to see what they come up with next!!!!
Wow this is key... dare I say major key.... 🔑 But for real. This allows companies and individual users quickly make and modify massive amounts of slide decks! Huge fan! 🚀
i needed a moment to understand how it works. who would benefit from something like this? i understand the benefit of bulk processing lots of files, but since presentations mostly don't exceed 50 slides, isn't it just as fast to copy and paste the data straight to the slides? im sure im just missing a proper use case. change my life!