SlideRule UX Design Path

Curriculum of Online Courses To Learn UX Design

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Reminds me of what Gibbon is doing.
The goal of this project is to collate existing resources (videos, articles, etc.) into a full-fledged curriculum that a motivated beginner can follow to learn the essentials of UX Design. Designers of Product Hunt, you can help us in 2 ways: 1. We'd love your feedback on the curriculum itself. e.g. Do the topics and flow look right? Are these projects sufficient? 2. We're looking for a handful of UX designers who love to teach / mentor people trying to break into the industry. We're cooking up our next (related) project, and you could help us!
@rrhoover Did we just get down-modded? We're below products with fewer votes than us that were submitted after us. Would love to understand what happened.
@gautambay Can't say I know why you're below the fold, but fear not, because avid hunters scroll through all of the posts, usually more than once a day. :) I'm looking forward to diving into this!