Library of PowerPoint slides to kickstart your presentation.

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Have been looking for a product like this for years. Still in shock that Office 2016 and even Keynote don't have an endless library of themes. No more excuses for snooze-bar pitchdecks! Great work @slidescamp.
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@afaragio14 @slidescamp I couldn't agree more. Thanks for making this!
@afaragio14 @slidescamp Thanks for your feedback! We are very excited and have very ambitious plans for the future :)
@afaragio14 @slidescamp Had to tweet this bad boy --- so useful
Hi Product Hunt! I am the co-founder of SlidesCamp. SlidesCamp is a platform dedicated to simplifying process of creating presentations. It features a great library of pre-made, beautifully designed, and ready to use slides. Users are able to compose their presentation by downloading the exact slides they need and have them ready in minutes by adding their content using PowerPoint. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments. Thanks! :)
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@pjurczynski Just purchased it for a month! Excited to try this out!
@mrsharma Awesome! :) Please let me know how you like it.
@pjurczynski kind of amazing no one else has tackled something like this. Thanks for putting this together!
@pjurczynski have you guys considered adding custom deck design services?
@blake Sure! This is coming very soon. We are already delivering lots of custom decks for our clients around the world. We just need to include this in SlidesCamp offering :)
I love the product! it is a great improvement in the slide options since the initial beta release. I just think that the prices are a bit expensive for students.
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Haha for a split second I was about to grab my tin foil hat when my first name appeared in the promo video! :D
This product really fills an empty space... is not a full presentation or a template this are just pieces of very well designed slides to assemble a good presentation. I would suggest not just groupnig by categories, you could filter by common uses, and can be done using tags. For example if you are looking for charts for a pitch deck, or a product presentation, financial reports etc. Very good idea!!
@germancastano Thanks for your feedback. You are 100% right. Use cases and presentation outlines are coming. Great design is just one part of the equation. We want to help people structure their content also.
@pjurczynski That's nice... a good presentation happens when a good design is mixed with good and very well structured content. The fun then it's on the presenter.