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The Slicks Travel backpack is a modular travel backpack available either as a base backpack only or in three tailored options (SUIT, TRIP & BIZ) each with internal inserts designed to expand the function of the pack and keep you organized, looking slick no matter where you are: at work, on the road, or exploring new places. Slicks backpack launched on Kickstarter 36 hours ago and raised over $60,000 already, reaching 74% of their goal already ($80,000). Slicks backpack is designed & developed by FLINK, a Swiss product development company. Hence the tagline!
@kwdinc We are now 100% funded on Kickstarter! 42 more days to go...Thanks for all of your 'Upvotes' here on PH & support on the campaign!
This last year has completed converted me and turned me into a Herschel fanboy... Not sure I could be sayed to another make just yet. Unless there were a large range of really FUN colours :) I like them to look wacky!
@bentossell well we do have a fun yellow color version, besides the stylish design to boot with it!
@sasidot I'm more of a zebra print kinda man ha
Hi Kevin, many thanks for 'hunting' us! Really excited to be here on PH. Happy to answer any questions and looking forward to comments / feedback from the community here.
@curdegn really dig the video. no annoying music, no bs and friendly. well done!
@visavis_kid Thanks for the flowers
Delighted to be featured here on PH & looking forward to hearing from the community here!