Visual Sitemap Creator and Content Planner

Slickplan provides everything you need to plan a website. Create visual sitemaps, content plans, user flow diagrams & design mockups in seconds with Slickplan. Intelligent tools streamline the website design process. When finished, share your website plans to clients, team members or company stakeholders as a PDF or HTML link.

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I was surprised there wasn't a better tool for this. One problem with content inventory site map generators is that it isn't easy to crawl post-login. If anyone has a better suggestion let me know. In the meantime, this product was as easy as building the sitemap on my whiteboard :-)
Will be playing with this. I've tried a bunch of different tools like this but haven't found one I've liked enough to stick with.

Creating a sitemap is fast and easy and also you can brand your project by adding a logo or color scheme.

You can export your projects in various formats or share them on Slack, Basecamp, Teamwork and social media.

Also it has integrated Google Analytics module that gives you the ability to display advanced metrics, so you can choose how to best redesign or reorganize your website.


Professional, intuitive and advanced!


Didn't find any

Pricing model is nonsense. Free version offers a miserable set of features. For $9/month you get the basic functionality for building site layouts, which is all I need... but limited to 3 projects! It's $27 to get 10 projects - and a bunch of features I don't need. Slickplan makes sense for someone building a lot of websites who needs their planning tools. But if you just to build layouts for a large number of websites, then go elsewhere - because Slickplan has no package for you.