Sliced Investing 2.0

Hedge fund investing, simplified

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Sliced has been working hard to build out our platform which lets users invest in hedge funds that were previously inaccessible. Today we're announcing our seed round and unveiling our brand new platform with new visuals for transparent reporting and updated portfolio analytics. Basically we made hedge fund investing simple with our 1.0 and even simpler with our 2.0. Sliced Investing has closed seed financing of $2 million from Khosla Ventures, Triple Point Capital, Data Collective and YC.
@mike_furlong30 excited to see this live in public and more so, the awesome @ketanbhalla joining the team!
Excited to announce our seed round with the WSJ! Thanks to all the support so far.
@realSimonBurns Simon, is there any way to see the performance history or various funds after all fees are deducted? For example, some fund may report impressive 15% average annual profit, but when you consider 1% monthly management fee, the leftover profit is much less impressing.
@extesy Yes Oleg, you can see performance history net of fees in our investor dashboard after you sign up!
@realSimonBurns I had sign up, but I couldn't find this information. Take this fund for example: - nothing on the page says "net of fees". Same story for underlying funds. I only see cumulative history graph which I assume is gross performance before fees.
@extesy The industry standard is net of fees - all data on the platform is net of fees. Great question!
Love financial type of products/startups. It removes the traditional old school barrier!
Love this product! Highly recommend it.