Sliced Investing

Access pre-vetted hedge funds at dramatically low minimums

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Users select investment strategies, and funds amongst users are pooled together to invest in an index of funds that match a given strategy
@edsuh interesting that this didn't get a huge response from PH'ers. Perhaps it's indicative of retail investor opinions of hedge funds?
@EAWharton I think they just launched on PH a little later in the day. It's making it's way up though :) I'd be curious to hear from the founders on how they intend to maintain high performance in their selection of funds?
@andrewjiang Thanks for the question Andrew! We can never guarentee the performance of our funds as we can't predict the performance of our underlying hedge funds. We source a vast amount of funds and employ, amongst other diligence methods, advanced data science in the selection of funds. We hope that through this selection process we will be able to generate the best possible returns for the investors. The goal of hedge fund investments is risk adjusted return -- not necessarily outright performance. Performance is just one of the many metrics we look at when evaluating a fund. It should be also be noted that past performance is not indicative of future returns. Mike Furlong
@EAWharton I beg to differ :) I think there may be a lot of latent demand for alternative investments like hedge funds amongst non ultra high net worth individuals. It's a similar dynamic to crowd funded real estate platforms. I wish people could collectively invest in individual funds, though structurally it makes sense why they have to do it this way.
@edsuh we're looking at a top 10 finish. Hooray for learning in public :) I think one use case of Angel list is giving people access. Also part of the rise of peer to peer lending. I recently saw a company looking to do Asset Backed Finance crowdfunding. I'll hunt it sometime this week. I fully agree that people want alternative investments. Particularly real estate & early stage startups. I get the impression that people are less excited about hedge funds. Thoughts?