SliceCharge Pro

A super fast, wireless charging mat

SliceCharge Pro has the closest function to the AirPower. Combing 5 coils together, the SliceCharge Pro enables you to put your devices at will horizontally on the mat. The built-in MFi Apple Watch charger in the SliceCharge Pro perfectly charge the Apple Watch Series 4.

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1 Review5.0/5

So excited about the reward for the old backers! I only spent $10 for the shipping fee to get a new SliceCharge Pro! First time to have such a cost-efficient program on KS!


I suppose this is the best wireless charger before the coming of Airpower!!!


It would be better to have a stand for iPhone as well, not only for the Apple Watch.

Yes yes yes... but AirPower.
@joshuapinter …has been canceled.
"We redesigned the shape of the coil, combining five coils together, while solving the problem of interference and heat." How can they solve this but Apple couldn't?