Slimmest 3 in 1 Apple device wireless charger

#3 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2018

Fast charge three devices -- iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch. Charge two iPhones at the same time at 7.5w speed. Save 70% of your time.

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Hmm, I opened the Kickstarter page, and the website they list does not exist nor do they have a Facebook Page, just an Instagram account that is hard to track. Very dubious product and I highly doubt this company that seems to show up out of the blue managed to one-up Apple at their own game without full access to their proprietary chips.
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Looks decent, but I'm not sure why I would gamble on a Kickstarter campaign as opposed to just waiting for Apple to release their AirPower charger and AirPods case. Electronics on KickStarter are notoriously destined to fail.
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@hayden_evans Seems like most of the electronics I see on kickstarter are just repackaged ali express items anyways. Better to wait for Apple.
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Good substitute of AirPower ! Really looking forward to it!


Good substitute of AirPower ! Really looking forward to it!


Under testing

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@hqncecilia, I think so. I've Just check out from their campaign page. It's really useful. I have one for me and the other for my parents :D
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Nice Idea) I like it,
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Yes please.
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