Slice Planner

The First Paper Planner Connected to Digital Calendars

Slice Planner is the hybrid paper-digital planning system powered by augmented reality. It connect paper planner to your favorite digital calendars (Google, Apple, Outlook), thereby helping you stay synced across all your devices.

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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @robjama for hunting us! We're really excited to launch Slice Planner. We have created this hybrid planning system to solve a “Paper vs. Digital” dilemma. The core pillar of the approach, a clockface diagram, helps visual thinkers have a better perception of time during the working day and significantly improve the time management skills. Powered by computer vision our free app not substitutes, but complements your favorite digital calendars (Google, Apple and Outlook) and provides even more flexibility to your daily planning routine by bridging the physical and digital divide. The app that facilitates the connection between the planner and digital calendars is powered with two not trivial features that make Slice Planner stand out from the crowd: 1. Augmented Reality mode is to help you identify if any of your events from paper are overlapped by digital calendar events. If there are some concurrent events, they will be highlighted in red with the exclamation mark next to it. You may want to tap on this red zone to edit an event. Everything you edit in Slice Planner app – appears in your favorite calendaring app across all devices. 2. Smart Crop mode allows you to crop in real-time in a smart way. Just draw a contour of any form around the piece of data that you need to be saved or shared. An outlined section of the page will be captured and can be shared or saved. Besides, there are two more features to explore – Events Digitization, Advanced Sharing that are to facilitate fast and intuitive digitization of the schedule as well as provide an easy process of sharing the necessary pages via various cloud services. Slice Planner is a premium quality paper notebook for those who are keen on enjoying the advantages of technological age but still love the feel of a pen on paper. Me or my mates @adeinega and @lukominskiy will be happy to answer your questions! Cheers, Oleksii
@ekksii @robjama @adeinega @lukominskiy Looks really cool. Just for the video in your kick starter page you should get upvote and funding :) Now, all jokes aside, after spending almost 15 minutes reading what you wrote, watching the videos and going over your kick starter site I still don't really understand what should I do with Slice Planner. Is all that just for time planning? Is that a normal paper or something digital? What do I do if I don't know how to draw perfectly like the person in the video?
Hi @rotemthegolfer First off, thank you for your kind words! At least we've created something aesthetically pleasant:) We understand that the way we talk to potential users might not be the best way, so maybe you can advise us something. This whole thing is about planning and taking notes and it's extremely flexible (actually, that's the reason why we don't want to push you for particular use case). 1. The physical part is a Slice Planner notebook, where you have preprinted clockface diagram on every left page on the spread. So no, there is no need to draw anything, just shade your events on this preprinted circle, to have a better perception of your daily workload. If you are a *very* analog person, and want to use paper only - that's it. 2. Slice Planner App on your phone will work as a bridge between your physical planner and digital calendars whenever you need it. Plus couple bonus features as Smart Crop and Advanced Sharing will help you to use this physical paper as your notebook. That's pretty it. It's some extensive technology behind the scenes in both app and physical planner.
@ekksii Ok cool, so I think the whole "The First Paper Planner Connected to Digital Calendars" or what you have in your Kickstarter page "First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars" is the wrong approach. I would start with something vague and not technical, something like: "Plan your day, old school style" or "Plan your day on paper or mobile" - (the first thing that came up to my head) Using words like notebook and paper planner are really confusing to me. Notebook is a laptop and I don't know what is paper planner... After you explained to me what you do it really cool but you have to find a way to explain it in one/two sentences. Slice Planner is a the best methodology to plan your day. If it by a tangible paper or a smart app - we got you covered. * Sorry if that's too much, it's just my opinion *
@rotemthegolfer I can't say how much I appreciate your reply. IMO, ProductHunt is the only place where you can have this expert opinions this way. And it's amazing. As for the topic, I agree. We have that problem. We incorporated too many features into the product and failed to describe it in short. Partially it's because being an engineer I'm afraid to use the words like "best" - because for me it's something that can't be measured. Hopefully, we will find the way in future to make the words work for us, not against us. Thank you for your help!
This is cool. Slice Planner is a hybrid paper-digital planning system powered by augmented reality 📖🗓😮
@nivo0o0 Cool. May we use this as a tagline in Instagram? ... How long did it take for you to came up with it?)
Love seeing solutions between our analog and digital worlds, so kudos! Are the circular diagrams pre-drawn on the pages? Is there anything holding the app back from working on other surfaces?
Hello @morewillie, Thanks! We hope it's just the start for us. All clockface diagrams are pre-printed and come undated. As for the other surfaces - it depends on the feature. If we talk about smart crop - no problem with working on any other surface or notebook. But to experience in full our hybrid planning system we have to make computer vision of our app work. To do so, we have to track markers attached to clockface diagram and pages and this is possible only with Slice Planner notebook.
@ekksii Makes sense, awesome :)
I would love an app that just showed my daily calendar in that circular form. Full stop.
@joshuapinter Absolutely! That's one of the use cases. The app will be free. Thanks!
I really like the idea of this. Few things: 1) My digital calendar is my holy grail for where I am and what I'm doing. I don't see myself writing that down on paper, partly for the reason you mentioned in the video: conflicts. So, taking up a half page for that on paper is an issue. If you make these, that should be optional not printed. 2) It would be super cool if it could integrate with other things, like adding [TODO] items that I write down to my Clear app or Asana or something. 3) Do a full digitizing / archiving service like Mod Notebooks does. I exclusively use Mod Notebooks now and have every notebook full digitized. I rarely come back to those digital pages but when I do it's because it's something very important that I wrote down but didn't get on paper and it saved the day. Like Time Machine or Crashplan for your notebook. 4) You said you're using Google's OCR, perfect. If you use this for point 3, it's a home run.
@joshuapinter Thanks for your input, it's very kind from you. 1) You're right. Many people don't make plans on paper, and we have to come up with a different solution. There are two ways: a) make a blank notebook, it's pretty easy, and it will be done in March b) came up with the optional solution - like the stamp. It's still open to discussion. 2) Not in 1.0, it's not even in the backlog. We are just in the beginning. 3-4) Mod Notebooks is cool, although it might be enough to use any scanner app for this purpose, the question is how you keep those digitized notebooks. For me, Evernote is the best solution for that kind of use case (they also perform handwriting recognition in a background, and you can "grep dead tree" after that). But that's a question of personal preference. And as long as there is an Evernote, scanning apps and Mod Notebooks, I don't feel that we have enough space on the market here. Joshua, thank you! That's precious points, and it's very beneficial for us that you share your experience.
@ekksii You bet, Oleksii. Love what you're doing and wanted to share my two cents. Thanks for the response! :)