Slice Capital allows anyone to invest as little as $100 into the fastest growing startups, while giving startups seamless access to much-needed capital so they can spend more time working on what actually matters, not fundraising.

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Thanks for hunting us, Nick! My team and I started Slice for a couple reasons: 1. Fundraising is painful and time consuming 2. Most people don’t know they can invest in early-stage startups Our mission is to fix those problems, amongst others. Frankly, we're baffled that they haven't been properly fixed yet. ...So here we are, launching Slice Capital - a way for anyone to easily invest in startups, while also helping bad ass founders focus on what really matters, not fundraising. Here’s how it works: - Sign up and become a Slice Verified Investor in just 4 steps - Browse our offerings (currently just QUINN, but it's a hell of a company to kick things off!) - Conduct your research/due diligence, speak with founders, and chat with fellow investors - Invest as little as $100 into the fastest growing startups - trust us... we've looked at over 1000 companies to narrow down to the first 15 we're launching with We have spent the past two years bringing everything together for Slice, and we still have a lot to do. We would greatly appreciate any and all feedback you'd all be willing to provide! P.S. I’ll tell you all a little secret: This won’t be our last Product Hunt Launch this year. ;) P.P.S. Get Excited! The Slice revolution is just getting started.
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@rohan_shah2 This is awesome, @MichaelBerhane_ and I were just talking about how investing is still pretty impenetrable for most people who would like to get involved. How does it work operationally? I'm thinking about the legals, paperwork etc...
@michaelberhane_ @abadesi Thanks! We're working within Title III of the JOBS Act (Reg CF). We help with all of the paperwork - we're partnered with a third party registered escrow agent to hold the funds, as well as a registered transfer agent. Our legal team, along with the SEC and FINRA, have helped us lower the legal barriers as much as possible to tailor the investing experience to normal people, not just super high net worth individuals. I'm happy to dive into more detail if you want to shoot me a line at!
@michaelberhane_ @abadesi @slice @rohan_shah2 What are the qualifications to become a "Slice Verified Investor". I'm assuming people need to have some level of income / net worth?
@michaelberhane_ @abadesi @slice @mike_seekwell Hey Mike! There's no income/not worth requirement. There are limits based on both of those figures, but regardless of those numbers you'll be able to invest (we just limit you to protect you, given the risks involved in investing). The Slice verification process is merely for us to remain in compliance from a "Know your customer" and "Anti-Money-Laundering" (KYC/AML) standpoint. Hope this help!
Congrats on the launch, @rohan_shah2 and team. 👏🏼 One of the major issue with crowdfunding are all the semi-public reporting requirements and signaling risks. As a result, we often see companies that can't raise traditional VC go this route, limiting the pool and potentially quality of companies to invest in. What are your thoughts on this? Ultimately, we need to reform this space. The whole accredited investor requirements are intentionally exclusionary to those that aren't already wealthy.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! In short, you’re not wrong. However, we’ve seen an insane volume of quality companies that have come our way... Speaking to the point on reporting: We’ve partnered with a third party registered transfer agent and have also built in notifications into the platform to help with remaining in compliance, from a reporting standpoint. With regards to the “signaling risk,” I agree that it could backfire in some cases, but we’ve found that if the platform is selective enough, then raising through crowdfunding may, in many cases, help with raising capital in later rounds, as it speaks volumes to the company’s user-loyalty, NPS, etc. We've also found that the LTV, for companies raising through Reg CF, of the backers/investors skyrockets after they invest, as they're literally vested in the long-term success of the company. Ultimately, it’s well documented and accepted that there’s a massive “Series A Gap” and that much of raising capital is based on subjective measures and network effects (not always purely dependent on the quality of the company). There’s a reason that 97% of venture capital goes to white-male CEO’s and it’s definitely not that only white-male CEO’s build great companies. We want to help empower the next AirBNB’s and Purple Mattresses, both of which had difficulty raising VC in their early stages because they didn’t have the networks to support their fundraising efforts. We want to help back companies, like QUINN, which have already raised from top tier investors (Jason Calacanis, XRC Labs, etc), but don’t want to spend time on meeting investors, but would rather focus on what actually matters, building an empire. I’m right there with you when you say that this space needs reform, but I’m incredibly bullish about the regulations that already exist. There are a number of bills already in circulation, which would make things a whole lot easier and I’m excited to see where things go. I’m also incredibly bullish about finding a happy medium between everything happening in the crypto space and equity crowdfunding. Stay tuned for Slice’s developments on that front ;)
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@rrhoover I'd love to chat further on all of this next time we meet up!
@rohan_shah2 good thoughts and curious how crypto plays into this (yes, I recognize the slight hilarity of that statement). 😊
@rrhoover Absolutely - We should catch up when I'm back in the Bay! We have some interesting initiatives brewing in the background.
@rrhoover @rohan_shah2 brilliant answer:)
Congrats on being hunted! What do you look for when bringing on other companies to invest in on the platform?
@charleyma Thanks Charley! We have a few criteria that we look at when evaluating a company: 1. The company has to be post-product, post-revenue. They don't have to be generating millions of dollars and don't even have to be cash-flow positive, but we like to see some sort of trajectory. 2. Generally speaking, we like to come in at the Seed-Stage (total round: $350K to $2M or so), especially when there are other Tier 1/Tier 2 VC Funds or Angels already participating in the round. 3. The companies need to have already taken in some capital. This can be an Angel Round, Pre-Seed, Friends and Family, etc. We just want to see previous use of proceeds to make sure that the founder is responsible. 4. We want to have a high degree of confidence that we'll be able to close the capital that the company needs in the timeframe they need it. As such, the company has to have an easily digestible value proposition. 5. We love companies with highly zealous user bases. Customers and users are the best investors, so we want to try to leverage a company's own user base to "anchor" a round and get the momentum going. Obviously there are exceptions to all of these rules, but companies that check all of the aforementioned boxes are usually right in our sweet spot. Hope this helps! Again, for companies looking to raise:
@charleyma PS: I just saw you're at Plaid. They're one of our partners and we love you guys!
@rohan_shah2 awesome! Been fun watching you and the team build so quickly :).
@charleyma Thanks Charley! Happy to have you onboard :)

I've been looking forward for slice to release for a while and they did a great job! The website is clean, easy to use. Even for companies to hop aboard is quite easy. Looking forward to more companies being on the platform!


Easy to Use


None so far!

Greatly appreciate the feedback, Kyle!
Can I invest from the Uk?
@mickc79 Currently, we don't allow investors from abroad to invest, in an effort to prevent fraud. We're hustling internally to put in place additional measures, and are planning to open up international investments in the next month or so. In the meanwhile, create an account and we'll notify you as soon as you're able to invest :)