Slice 2.0

A meal kit experience 3x cheaper & without excess packaging.

Follow expert meal plans each week, customize it to your tastes, and shop with Instacart for a meal kit experience that is 3x cheaper and without all the packaging waste.
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Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce the relaunch of Slice (2.0)! TLDR features: πŸ“… Follow curated meal plans each week ranging from kid-friendly to keto. πŸ”„ Build your own meal plan by mixing and matching different plans. πŸ’– Save your favorite recipes to cook again. πŸ“ Automatically generate a shopping list from your plan. 🚚 Send your shopping list to Instacart in one-click. πŸ’ͺ $1 from each plan purchase goes to MATTER, a non-profit fighting malnutrition The result? A meal kit experience that is 3x cheaper and more sustainable on the environment without all the excess packaging waste. The story behind Slice: Back in December of last year, I decided I would help others meal plan with "Slice: budget meal planning tailored to your tastes." It was a newsletter that sent different meals depending on a quiz customers took. That was great, but I wanted to make the experience more interactive. I have used meal kits but often found the packaging waste was a lot--even if it is recyclable. However, I still liked the feel of a meal kit experience. Slice's new web app is the perfect bridge. Users can follow meal plans curated weekly, customize those plans, and then shop their list via Instacart for a "meal kit experience." The time saving is still apparent each week, but Slice's costs per serving are 3x cheaper on average and don't have the excessive packaging waste. I'd love some feedback! And if you are interested, feel free to try our 7-day trial to take advantage of the platform at no cost.
Interesting concept, but unfortunate naming considering there is another big player in the food space also called Slice
Intrestin idea, but your app is laggy as hell. Cancelled subscription after 5 minutes.