Fantasy football leagues that don’t suck

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Thanks Eric! Appreciate the kind intro. Hi Product Hunters, I’m Nan, one of the founders of Sleeperbot. As long-time fantasy sports players, we were frustrated that there hasn’t really been any innovative products addressing traditional leagues in over 10 years. We wanted to build one that didn’t suck, where you could enjoy a comparable experience on both web and mobile, and that emphasized the conversations you have with your friends without forcing you to jump off onto email or text messages. Hope you guys check it out for your leagues this year, and let us know of any feedback you might have!
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Hello Product Hunt! I’m really excited to hunt Sleeperbot with you today. Sleeperbot is a messenger app for sports fans, and participating in Expa Labs. The focus is to make the experience of playing traditional season-long leagues with friends more social and fun, by making chat and smack-talk central to the experience. If you are playing fantasy football this year, I’d highly encourage you to check out Sleeperbot for your league. They have built a cross platform mobile optimized social experience to better enjoy the season with friends. Feedback and questions welcomed as the founders + team are here today to answer questions!
Thanks Eric! Football season is right around the corner, and we are really proud to share what we have been working on with the rest of the Product Hunt community. Sleeperbot was made to be enjoyed with friends. Our live draft experience can be cast to a TV for draft parties, and almost every aspect of our leagues has chat embedded into it, so that it is easier to smack talk and joke around with your friends while playing fantasy sports. After all, most leagues are formed are between friends, family, and coworkers, and serve as a backdrop to talk sports with people you care about. We just wanted to make that experience more social and fun.
Finally we are getting some innovating in the fantasy sports world. More collaboration = more competition. Love it!
@pacutler Thanks Philip. We are looking forward to a fun fantasy football season ahead as well.
This looks great, congrats on the launch. What differentiates Sleeperbot from other fantasy platforms like EPSN? Never done a fantasy league before but have been thinking about it as a way to get interested in the sport / keep up.
@lankybutmacho Thank you very much Matt! The biggest differentiator is that we are built with a focus on the friend to friend interactions, and making the gameplay more social. What this means specifically is that the chat component (we're a messenger app after all) is front and center of every part of the gaming experience, as opposed to a widget buried into a website. Many of our friends who play in leagues on existing platforms face the same problem as we do - they'll get together to draft one day a year, and then spend the next 3-4 months of the season trying to patch the social experience together through email threads, group text messages threads, and sometimes even social media groups. We saw this as a huge wasted opportunity, since really the primary driver for why people play in these leagues was to hang out with friends and chat about sports in the first place. In addition, there are quite a few other more modern bells and whistles (like a mobile app that isn't just used for checking scores) we have thrown in as well, since there really hasn't been a season long league offering to launch in over 10 years.