Sleep Guardian Plus

Only smart device proven to stop night terrors.

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Hello Product Hunters! I am a physician who left practicing medicine to solve the problem of night terrors. Night terrors are a terrible sleep problem that affect children and 1% of adults. At night, the person sleeping suddenly acts extremely scared or frightened, but the episodes can't be stopped and go on for up to 30 minutes. They can occur nightly and are terrible for the entire family. I have a personal connection to night terrors -- my twin sister had them growing up, and my niece and nephew recently started suffering from them. I know how severe they are, I knew there was no product to solve them, so I was determined to help these families! My co-founder and I invented the Lully Sleep Guardian after doing research at Stanford University and today we are launching the newest version of the product, the Lully Sleep Guardian Plus. The Lully Sleep Guardian Plus includes a vibrating pod, placed under your child's mattress, and a companion Lully app (iOS only). Answer a few simple questions, and the app learns your child's sleep patterns that lead to a night terror, customizing its smart algorithm just for your little one. The app then uses gentle, precisely timed vibrations to get your child out of those troublesome sleep patterns, which stops night terrors before they happen. Best of all, with the all new Sleep Guardian Plus, launching today, parents are able to track their child's sleep and view their sleep history on the Lully app dashboard. They can quickly see their child's sleep metrics, including how much the night terrors have improved over time. Parents can also allow a spouse, friend, or care taker to control the Sleep Guardian from their own personal phone, meaning no more worrying if your child will have a night terror while you're away.