Sleep Crusher - Alarm Clock

Create sets of wake-up missions to turn off the alarm

Create SETS of wake-up missions to turn off the alarm.
* Math puzzle
* Memory game
* Shake
* Scan toothpaste
Completing wake-up missions leaves you fully awake and alert.
* Preset volume impossible to mute
* Lock alarms to prevent cheating
* Text as ringtone
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Hi PH, I'm the developer of Sleep Crusher. This app is very personal. I've faced this problem head on for nearly a decade, through college, work, marriage, and kids. My struggle to wake up - and get up refreshed - is going to help so many people just like me. I'd love your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions! *** Ad Free in-app purchase is discounted for launch to $0.99 in the month of January only ***