Slavery Footprint

See how many slaves work for you based on real data

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Eugen Istoc@eugenistoc1 · Software engineer
I hate that once you go through all of it you don't get a result. You have to enter your email to get to see it. I really hate when websites do that -- at least be honest about wanting our email address. Seems kind of deceitful.
Charlie Benkendorf@cbenkendorf · Growth Marketer
@eugenistoc1 it did for me, told me i had 23 slaves working for me, which was the original question. now if you want to see which items drove the most, then you put in your email.
Shyjal@shyjal · Founder,
Loved the survey UX ❤️
Tom Flemming@escapehatchco · Player One. Experience Strategy.
Not quite sure why the female outline needs to look like a slice of toast…
Coel May@coelmay · Wrong
Love it!
Tom Flemming@escapehatchco · Player One. Experience Strategy.
Beautifully done and powerfully illustrated.