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Schedule your Slack messages now, post them later

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I.e., Buffer for Slack. I know people that would schedule work emails to their boss and coworkers in the middle of the night so it looked like they were busier than they actually were. Now you can do that in Slack... kind of.
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@rrhoover I am the founder. We actually include a (via on all messages. We might remove it in the future as a paid upgrade. Our objective is to launch a whole suite of apps just for slack. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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@rrhoover @jonathant what motivated you to make this?
@rrhoover @jonathant Love the idea, just wish it didn't require Read permissions on messages. For me that made me abort the authorization step.
@chrismessina the biggest reason we switched to slack is to avoid email as much as possible. When you want to tell something after business hours and you are using IM, there is an inherent pressure to reply right away. We believe firmly in keeping a good work life balance so scheduling non-urgent messages for the next business day removes some of that pressure. Although that's the main reason we've heard and seen our team use it in many other ways: checking on status right before a deadline, help start conversations at the right time, etc.
@sixside thanks for this feedback. That was definitely an oversight on our part. We'll correct it first thing tomorrow ;)
Love this app!!!