Beautiful static documentation for your API

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Just started moving over from to Slate. Super easy to customise.
@devankoshal Hey Devan! Would love to hear more about why :)
@devankoshal Glad you're enjoying Slate! \o/ Your docs look great.
@gkoberger Hey Greg, just came down to customization + price for us right now. We also wanted to have multiple doc styles i.e. api reference (3 column) + guides (2 column)
Seriously awesome, I wish there would be some integration with Swagger (which I use extensively). I like the look & feel but most importantly the easy installation. gg!
@karimjdda @stevesun21 if you need swagger/apibp integration, check out our open source API console:
@karimjdda I haven't tried it out, but this project exists:
Really cool. I wonder if this support API blueprint syntax?
@stevesun21 hmm, haven't seen a project anywhere that does this.
@stevesun21 hmm, don't see Slate on that list anywhere? I'm familiar with API Blueprint, just hadn't seen a Slate converter for it before.
@rl0rd I just try to figure out how's the markdown looks like in Slate. What's the rule of the markdown to describe APIs? Maybe I missed read some info from the README?
We've been using Slate extensively for all of our docs at ( & and we love it. We've done quite a lot of customization to it as well, without too much effort. Comes highly recommended.
Great tool, thank you, offer it to our development team.