A simple animated text meme generator

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Simple and could be useful for catching people's attention Twitter and Facebook, now that they support animated GIFs. I just made this: http://imgur.com/0sHxSV1.gif
Ilias Ismanalijev
@illyism · Designer & Front-end Developer
Cool, shame that they always add an empty frame. http://imgur.com/5eI5gaV.gif
@cheapstartup · Head Cheapskate, DirtCheapStartup
Rad! Just started focusing on gifs for twitter ads this week. Thanks guys and gals!
Nick Zieber
@nzieber · Community & Partnerships @whub_io
Oh, yes. I like this.
ali mirza
@alimirza2k · Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur