Slate 2

Give digital life to your paper creations

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Hey! A new design tool 🙌 I've been looking for a replacement for my (very) old Wacom when I heard about the Slate. It's a bit different as you can use it with any kind of pencils and real paper. I'd love to hear more about it so I hope one of the makers will jump in to tell us more.
Jumping in! 😊 We created the Slate for artists to keep the unique and authentic feel of drawing with real pen and paper while benefitting from the magic of digital. Use your own pens and pencils with a simple ring and pick your favorite paper or notebook to draw on the Slate. Your creations instantly come to life on screen. Our drawing app Imagink allows you to use various brushes, import images, create layers and export your drawings in your preferred format: jpeg, png, sag, psd, mp4 (video timelapse of your creation). As of December 1st, you will also be able to use the Slate on any software (Photoshop, Illustrator...) with the Graphic Tablet Mode! Let's get creative! ✨
Oh and there is a promo code "PRODUCTHUNT" on their shop. It'll give you $10 off 😸
What is the ETA for Android tablet compatibility?
@chefkatelyn Our team is working on it! It will be out mid-2017 :)
@maevarevellin Awesome! Thanks so much for your quick response. This is so cool. I'm just curious... how does the software understand the medium being used (e.g. green colored pencil, yellow pastel)?
@chefkatelyn No problem :) You simply have to pick the tool you are using in the app and adjust your settings (color, opacity, stroke thickness, speed sensitivity, stroke smoothness...)
How about writing?
@mariana_salcido You can write to, but we do not have OCR - our app is more art and drawing focused :)