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Fraser Atkins
@fraseratkins · Co-founder, TaskPipes
We have had a lot of demand from users of Mac OS X. If anyone is interested in a Slate offering for Mac OS X, please send me an email to fraser@useslate.com. If we have enough interest, we will respond to that!
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Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
If you use spreadsheets a lot like me, this is a great add-on.It takes your existing spreadsheet and visualizes it as a logical interactive flowchart.Select a cell and see its formula visually in a flowchart. Expanding each level in the visualization allows you to follow the trail of calculations. Helps document and explain the logic of your own spreadsheets… See more
Fraser Atkins
@fraseratkins · Co-founder, TaskPipes
I'm the co-founder and we've just launched this in beta. Would really love to hear any feedback anyone has! Feel free to get in touch - fraser@useslate.com
Jonathon Triest
@jtriest · Ludlow Ventures
Is there a version for Mac osx?
Chris Ashby
@chrisashby7 · -
...and I'm the other co-founder. If you spend a lot of time in Excel, we'd love to speak!
Calvin Liu
@cjl49 · EIR, Transmedia Cap. / Founder, Outpour
I was formerly an i-banker/consultant which means I lived in complex spreadsheets. Can't believe this only exists in 2014.5. I'm on OSX so can't try it now but on the surface it looks like an awesome and much needed tool.