A Twitter bot to remember things or threads

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★ Karan Goel ☂
Engineer @ Google
Hey all. Made this little thing because of a personal need. I don't use any "read later" apps so end up missing on some great content just because I never get time to check back. A few use cases: 1. Playing catch up with Twitter while on the toilet can be really stressful. Found an amazing rant against DJ Trump but don't have enough time left in your "session"? Just tag `@slashRemindMe 30 minutes "read this https://dj-t-sucks.xxx/chapter-1"` and the bot will remind you. 2. A politician made a very strong claim ("We'll build a wall!!"). Do a fact check when it's time. Simple do `@slashRemindMe 1 year "check his facts"` 3. Someone asked a very good question, that you'd like to track? Trash bookmarks, just do `@slashRemindMe` and you'll be reminded in a day. Some helpful links: - Usage - https://git.io/usage - FAQ - https://git.io/remindfaq - Source code = https://git.io/remind
@karangoel SLASHremindme is on Product Hunt! Yay~ Great work Karan!
Leo Moravtchik
CEO, diggidi
@karangoel Loved the use cases. True.
This looks awesome Karan, can't wait to give it a test run!
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
Nice idea :) @jazzychad - you'll definitely be interested in taking a look here! I guess it depends on the person, but saving to pocket is the go-to for me in this case. Although that just solves Number 1 use case. I like the implementation of "check in 1 year" - can catch a lot of people out haha.