A simple search engine for GIFs, built inside Twitter

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Hey so I <3 giphy just like many other folks here. But I hate it when I need to pull out of a conversation to look for a GIF, then download it and upload it to reply on Twitter. Who wants to do that. So I made slashgif. Simply reply to a tweet with your search query ("@slashgif happy birthday") and the bot will reply almost instantly with a fun GIF. Example: https://twitter.com/slashgif/sta... + It's open source: https://github.com/karan/slashgif
Nice work, @karangoel. Happy Friday.
@rrhoover same to you good sire 👮
@karangoel - wow this is really cool~! Thanks for sharing and doing this!
@geeky_yang Thanks for the support. :)
@karangoel I swear man, you make the coolest shit!
Does this work for Tweetdeck? Update: Yes