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My favorite thing about this is that with this one integration, you can have way more than the free tier allows :)
Hello Product Hunt! I am Glenn, Director of Product for Webtask, it is great to be on Product Hunt unveiling our new platform for building Slack commands. We've been an early player in the Serverless space having shipped Webtask initially two years ago, even before AWS Lambda launched. Our vision from the beginning has been all about making it easy for developers to get their code up and running without having to wrestle with deployment, scale, and management pain, and without having to even deploy a server. With our new product we're now bringing that experience to Slack. We're BIG internal users of Slack, not just for chat, but for Chatops. We're doing everything in Slack from deploying our servers globally, to querying our internal and SAAS systems. As we've been building our Chatops automation, we've realized we can make it a lot easier and Webtask can help. So today, we're rolling out Slash Webtasks, a new Slack extension. With it you can author new Slack commands at almost the blink of any eye and you can do it right from within Slack and using our rich web-based editor. There's no packaging, no deployment. You just focus on the code. We've been dog-fooding Slash Webtasks internally and it is just amazing how fast you can use it to solve problems quickly. It has basically incited a renaissance of innovation internally at Auth0 with tons of folks jumping in to build new commands and in a fraction fo the time it would have taken previously.. We'd love to get your feedback on the product, hear what you are doing with it, and let us know what you'd like to see. Thank you for your support PH community! Update: We just blogged on Slash Webtask here: Glenn
@gblock This is really cool. Can you please contact me at I would love to talk to you in private
@rotemthegolfer @guggy thanks! I will shoot you a mail.
Very nice!
Update: We just blogged on Slash Webtasks here:
This is frigging awesome! Wow!