Find beautiful free stock photos from Unsplash in Slack

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This is an elegant implementation of @unsplash's API for Slack - simply type /photo [keyword] and you end up with a great visual. The content from Unsplash is quite good (we're incorporating a lot of it in @wandertab as well) and I'm a big fan of the creator, @calc !
Thanks, @gillianim! Slack is creating an incredible, versatile platform. The primary reason I built this was simply to learn more about how it works. Unsplash is the first resource I visit when I'm looking for a royalty free photo. Slash Photo is a side/learning project that brings together two products that I love and solves a simple need. For those interested in building with Slack or Unsplash I posted some of the key source code to Github and will add more detail as time allows. I look forward to any feedback πŸ˜€
very cool idea @calc
Love it - another great addition to our team's Slack.
Just installed and I have a few initial thoughts. 1. The photos that get inserted are too small to do anything with. I understand that you may not want to dump 5MB images into the slack channel, but is there a possibility to have what shows up in the slack channel be smaller and then have another link to the full-size image? 2. Posting visibility I think this would be most useful as a search tool for unsplash, but in most cases if someone is looking for stock photos they aren't going to post that to the full channel. Seems like it should just spit the image back to you or at least have the option to do this. Otherwise, I really enjoy this! Great job.
@shanerjeffers great feedback thanks for checking it out and sharing! 1. Yes, I don't pass the largest image to avoid transmitting very large files. The image title is a link to a high-res image but that language wasn't very clear. I updated the copy to include a more clear link to a high-res download. 2. Regarding visibility I agree. More often than not I use /photo in my @slackbot channel. FYI, when the app is installed Slack asks which channel it should be installed in, however, once it is installed it can be used anywhere (@slackbot, DMs, and channels). At one point I was testing returning 3 thumbnail images - it is more collaborative to show multiple options yet the downside is that their size makes it harder to judge the image quality. Time willing I may add the ability request one image or multiple.