Slash PH for Slack

The product hunt powered slash command

Slash PH is a slash command inside of slack that allows you to view today’s posts on Product Hunt.

You can simply say “/ph “ to return today’s top 5 hunts.

You can also view specific topics inside of Product Hunt by saying “/ph topic” (replacing the word topic for a topic 😁)

You don't have to leave Slack to check out today's hunts!

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Alec Jones
developing & high schooling
Hey Product Hunters! First, I’d like to give big thanks to @alec_joness for hunting us!😉 I’m really excited to bring you Slash PH. It’s a very simple idea I had because I didn’t have a way to see PH stuff in Slack through a slash command. To me, slash commands are a lot faster and more convenient than using bots in Slack. This is the second Slack app I’ve ever built. I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be on available on PH all day, and will be responding to comments. Thanks for checking out Slash PH!
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