Slash Notes

The easiest way to recall your notes. Without leaving Slack.

Hi everyone, I'm the developer behind /notes, and I'm super excited to be part of the product hunt community. The idea came for the constant need to take notes, whether it's about events, comments, people or projects and the wish to be able to access them in a centralised place. That's SlashNotes! You can manage your notes without leaving Slack. I started off with a dedicated notepad for every slack channel and chat and it then evolved, thanks to numerous feedback, into custom notepads. It's possible to specify a title for a note making it no longer connected to a channel. Keep in mind that while your notes are stored on our servers, none of your messages sent to channels or private conversations are visible to us. Also your notes are, by default, not visible to any other chat member. Please shoot me any questions you may have, I'll be happy to answer! Happy notes!
@baio88 'visible to' others?
@stoweboyd I've fixed it up, thank you for flagging it