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A smart iOS keyboard for sharing contacts, GIFs, videos, & …

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Simple type "/contacts" to share contacts from your phone, "/gifs" to send a (you guessed it) GIF, and more. Really cool concept, especially when switching apps to find and share these things on the iPhone is inefficient. Side note: Custom keyboards, introduced in iOS 8, are like mini apps that can be used inside of other apps. This opens up several possibilities but Apple's execution is a bit disappointing. It's cumbersome to switch keyboards, especially if you have 3 or more installed.
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@rrhoover Ryan thank you for posting @slashkeyboard, you rock! Looking forward to hear your feedback :)
@rrhoover yup. Apple 3rd party keyboard integration is broken. it is really frustrating. this one reminds me of @thingthing
@rrhoover been testing for awhile and its pretty rad; as u mentioned apple still hasnt figured out how to make the experience smooth and therefore i find myself using it less.
Slash commands should be standardized. From Slack to Mixmax, the command line is showing up in more and more text-entry apps... To train users to be more powerful, the commands should work similarly between apps. IMHO.
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@chrismessina thats a really good point Chris. We will definitely look into that asap. Thank you, great recommendation.
@chrismessina Would love to explore this idea further. To some extent we've seen that with the command line, eg., I have a pretty good expectation of what /me will do no matter what client I'm using. Gets a bit trickier when we think about the new wave of / commands, which in our case often involves company APIs on the other end. But agree: the more "/" becomes a consistent unit of meaning across products, the better. We've seen it with #, @. / is next
@chrismessina Never heard of MixMax. I already use Slack. Is it similar? I'll check it out.
@khw77 nope, totally different. Mixmax is a plugin for Inbox/Gmail.
@chrismessina Cool. I'll check it out.
tried a LOT of keyboards. way too many in fact. slash is far and away the strongest with applications to much larger than *just* a keyboard. and it's the slickest (and first) integration of Giphy for Keyboard i've seen. great job to the slash team!
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@adamcl thanks man! we love @giphy team and all your support. can't wait to take it to the next level ;)
@adamcl Giffage is an extremely strong (and incredibly designed) keyboard with Giphy integration in my opinion. Slash is cool in that it uses different integrations like Slack
Hi all! Thanks for your awesome support and feedback. We built Slash Keyboard because finding and sharing things on mobile is really hard. The App landscape means downloading a bunch of apps that each have their own take on search, and usually don't do a great job of talking to each other. We realized the keyboard is really the only thing that sits perfectly between the OS and every app. It's the interface for expressing intentions. It's basically the perfect place to build a search engine. We hope you enjoy the Slashes we've built so far, and would love to hear your requests for what to build next. And as you poke around, we hope you start to uncover the intention engine that's the core of our product. Talk about coffee, or say "I'm at," or do math... and you'll see the real magic of Slash. We're building an inline intelligence that supercharges our everyday conversations.
@nsbarr "Wanna grab drinks?" ;)
@cemkozinoglu @nsbarr Congrats on the launch guys! Making a great keyboard isn't easy. 👊🏾
@robjama Thanks man, you guys rock love next keyboard.
@nsbarr Since you asked for requests, we'd like to integrate NewsGIF with Slash. NewsGIFs are already great conversation pieces, but a news feed built right into a keyboard makes a lot sense to us. I like your implementation a lot.
Slash Keyboard is awesome! I've been testing it out now for a while in beta and love the design. It's amazing to have quick access to so many different utilities, location services and content types for sharing (all from one keyboard). Great work @cemkozinoglu and @nsbarr - I'm using this as my default keyboard from now on :)
@thejasonstein love your comment! Amazing to work with iMoji team, and thank you guys for all the support!! :)