Slash Commands

A much easier way to install slash commands!

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Slack is becoming a search engine. Watch out, Google? πŸ˜‰ This update reminds me of Slash Keyboard.
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@rrhoover Yeah, slash keyboard is pretty awesome.
@rrhoover :) @buster we should chat and see how we can sync slashes?
@cemkozinoglu I'd love to!
Hey guys, excited to be part of this: Poncho <3 Slack. Here is our medium post:
We'll be checking this page throughout the day... let us know if you have any questions for us!
@buster Very cool release! Have you considered "slash command to install"? Add to Slack, via Slash command. Sort of like `brew install`. The first time my team uses /giphy (maybe they are used to it from a different Slack team), it might prompt for install.
@moxon luuurve dis. App install prompts, triggered by intents -- allows a use to more easily bring along his/her toolkit wherever they go. (Well done, @buster!)
@moxon Yes, we've definitely brainstormed about something like that. Once we get everything added to the Slack Button (so you can install everything on any team, super easily), discovery is gonna become our top priority.
@buster Is there a directory of these anywhere? We fairly quickly made a couple specific to our needs (WHOIS and MX lookups) but a listing of services (like Lyft) that have Add to Slack would be great for being able to see what can be done and also to quickly add services to our Slack.
@buster lyft <3 slack
@vickiheart and slack <3 lyft
This is huge! I love this! I can't wait to implement this on Product Slack (