A quality sustainable bed frame that assembles in minutes.

An artisan-crafted beautifully minimalist bed frame, redesigned from the ground up to be packed-flat and assembled in minutes by a single person. The Slash/Bed is made by artisans in Indonesia from naturally treated wood sourced from an COC certified lumber partner.
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Attractive, very expensive. Waiting for Ikea copy...
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@jose_llorens wait for your post on PH about it ;)
How do you prevent squeakiness which usually comes over time?
@vladkorobov Awesome question! Between the wooden slash are thin layers of velvet to keep the wood from creaking. it’s not 100% avoidable, but the beds are actually very quiet since they’re so sturdy. We use metal inserts for the screws instead of going straight into the wood so everything stays very nice and tight even after disassembling and reassembling for a move.
Honestly as much time as I have spent trying to find an "organic" low-VOC bed frame, I totally see where this fits in the market. I think the price point is well-chosen. The only issue I found is it says that it fits all size beds but is meant for a queen, how would a kin fit then?
@rhodd appreciate that! You’re absolutely correct. It’s only available for a queen right now but soon we will be releasing more sizes as well. Sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned. Thanks for the support!
what size mattress fits on this thing?
@stewartjarod good question! At the moment only a queen size bed available.
@jose_llorens Y'all should maybe add that to the site ;P
So stylish design, especially in the dark color