Fastest way to work across your cloud apps

Slapdash is a re-think of how we interface with our cloud apps. It's one place to search, browse and organize all your work, regardless of what app it lives in. And above all, it's shockingly fast.
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Hi PH! I'm Ivan, one of the folks building Slapdash. At Slapdash, we like to consider ourselves students of computing history. If you trace the arc of computing, there have been amazing advances in how people interface with computers: windows, drag and drop, copy and paste, etc. But when apps moved to the cloud, in many ways, we took a step back. Information is harder to find, apps don't work well together and generally the experience is slow. We are building Slapdash to fix that. With Slapdash, you simply connect your apps and we provide a uniform, low latency experience to work with your cloud app data — kind of like Finder or File Explorer, but for your cloud apps. Above all, we are deeply focused on speed. From making your common workflows faster to optimizing the latency of every single interaction. Even if you just connect Dropbox or Google Drive to Slapdash, you'll notice it's faster to search and browse on Slapdash than in the apps themselves (10x faster even). We have other great tricks too: * You can organize items from different apps into Spaces - so now your Asana projects can live alongside your Dropbox and Drive files. * You can rename files without opening the app (kind of like Finder) * We have real-time stream of activity across all your apps (what you created, changed or viewed) It's still pretty early, but we are looking for people who are interested in trying an early version of the product, so we can get feedback to push the state of the art forward. We have a limited amount of invite codes for Product Hunt peeps, you can use this sign up link: To that end, we will be sending out invite codes all day today for folks to try it out (as capacity permits). Just hop on the waiting list, or ask us on twitter if you are interested. Let us know what you think or would like to see improved with how you work with cloud apps.
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If the invite link above is tapped out, he's another one to try: Will be releasing more invites throughout the day.
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@kanevski That one's run out too. Can you share another invite code, please?
@abogawat - Yep, here's a fresh set of invites: Thanks for the heads up
@kanevski can I get another code? all 3 are out. Thanks!
@nicocaramella invite code on the way via message

Nearly all of my work is in Google Docs/Slides but navigating Drive is just incredibly slow and clunky. I've tried other apps like Station, but nothing really stuck. With Slapdash I rarely have to go into Drive anymore which saves me 30 seconds every time I need to open something new - I'm already 100% satisfied with v1 of the product but I'm excited to see what these guys come up with next!


Instant set up, Chrome extension makes opening files 10x faster


Not much, app works incredibly smoothly

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Way faster than GDrive's own search and I think this can finally provide a better interface to GDrive's highly unintuitive UI. Will be super useful with ever more cloud apps being supported.
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@aneeqdhk1 - thanks for giving it a whirl. Supporting more apps is high on our priority list!
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Had the pleasure of using Slapdash since the very early days. Super excited to see where this is going! Keep the great work up!


Lightning fast search, great usability and design, spaces to share and collaborate with teams across different apps


none so far

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Impressive speed on search. The spaces feature looks nice. It'll be interesting to see how well it deals with authentication, popups, and generic web apps.


Fast! Fast! Crazy fast!


Needs support for more apps -- other google apps, lucidchart, etc.

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