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We at Slant are so honored and excited to be on Product Hunt! We are a small group of people with a big idea: to create a sustainable model for journalism and the telling of important stories online. Right now, talented digital writers, videographers, and photographers have to give their work away for free to host sites that make money off of their natural human desire to create and share. The free content creation economy drives down the price of incredible work and the salaries of the good people who make it. The editorial team at Slant came together because we want to change all that. On Slant, 1. Anyone can use our simple desktop tool or mobile app to submit a multimedia story. 2. The story goes to our incredibly talented team of editors. Your editor verifies the information and edits the story until it has all the elements it needs to succeed online. 3. When the story is published, you get a link to share with your social network. 4. You have access to a dashboard where you can track your story’s performance and learn about your audience each time you publish. There you see how much money your story is bringing in, and you get 70% of whatever that is, plain and simple. (Often, and especially at the beginning, we don’t expect that amount to be high. The point is that if someone’s story takes off and gets a lot of traffic, she should get the reward.) We’ll use our homepage, social media accounts, and email newsletters to elevate the best work produced on Slant, making sure the most important stories reach our readers. The quality of our content will be up to the standards of a great online news outlet. I'd love to do an AMA anytime to tell you more about our story! For now, check out our app in the app store and our site!
@amandagutterman Well done to the team! It was a happy discovery for me to bump into Slant News. I think writers will really appreciate getting recognition AND revenue. It feels grossly unfair that talented people aren't compensated by sites that are generating large amounts of revenue based upon their work. Feels like a wholesome and worthy idea—a great cause to champion. Wishing you all the best.
Thought this was really interesting for writers trying to earn a living. It provides a platform and quality editorial packaging for news publication for people with a viewpoint and story to tell. The key benefits and points of difference seem to be: - Writers get paid 70% of any revenue generated from their articles - Quality content assured with diverse and experienced editorial team with great heritage from Huffington Post, MSNBC, Bleacher Report, The New York Daily News - Seems to be sitting between the mass-content factories, with media exposure being the only reward, and the tightly-controlled publications with only a handful of star writers. - Currently a web platform, with iPhone App available now. Android App to follow shortly. Amanda Gutterman (@amandagutterman), the editorial director, was previously @HuffingtonPost @NewYorker @Columbia. Hope you enjoy! Exciting stuff for hard-working creators trying to earn a living from producing original content!
The App is available only in the U.S for now, coming soon to more countries. The website is available globally
Coming back soon? I really miss this.