The ultimate sneaker marketplace, in your pocket.

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Nicely designed, @stephenvarady. How are you ensuring people don't get scammed? New marketplaces like this are always challenged with building trust in the beginning. Some overcome it by leveraging existing social networks and connections (e.g. Airbnb with Facebook). @shaunmodi - you might dig this.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! First, we're doing exactly that: requiring users to first authenticate with Facebook or Twitter, and then adding additional points of identity verification, SMS, email, etc. We also have a really cool escrow system that integrates our shipping + payments systems to ensure that funds are secure until the kicks are confirmed as delivered. And we're not stopping there, we have some other leaps in legit tech in the works :) Unrelated: Ryan we probably shared classes in Lillis at UO and @shaunmodi, Slang was built at 30 Weeks, the Google design incubator! Small world.
@stephenvarady wow! GO DUCKS! 😃
@stephenvarady @rrhoover Product Duck Hunt. Gah. Well...I guess I'll take it since it's still Pac 12. Oh and go SLANG!
I love my collection of dunks...just downloaded the app...reminds me of my FlightClubNYC days back in the village. Congrats guys!
How secure is "Hyper-secure?" Nice app, I can't wait to pick up a new pair.
@jackrometty Thanks! Haha "hyper-secure" == Stripe.
@stephenvarady This is awesome. Are there any plans to make this available in the EU? I could push this out to the admins of the biggest sneaker selling groups in the UK.
@frankiebaeza For sure, Frankie. There has been a huge demand for Slang from the European community so we're definitely expanding as soon as we can.
Awesome, this is a HUGE space - wonder what @stephenvarady's plans with this are :)
@bramk First of all, we want to make buying and selling collectible sneakers easier because it's just a miserable process. They're largely inaccessible. But in the more grand scheme of things, we're an entrepreneurial generation and the coming generations are even more so...we built Slang to enhance their hustle.
@bramk I don't know about HUGE...yet. It's currently a subset of a subset of a market (used clothing), but it is growing at a much higher rate than the others. That being said, if the Slang crew can solve the legitimacy issues (which FlightClub has) and make it as easy to buy used kicks as it is on eBay - you've got the start of something special there. Dig it.