Get notified in Slack when your company/keyword is mentioned

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Hi, so in what way is this different than ?
@mmariansky Hi Matty. This is essentially a full-fledged news monitoring solution / clipping service built-in to Slack. It's a small side project that uses Diffbot's underlying automatic extraction and crawling technology, monitoring tens of thousands of news and blog sources in realtime to find mentions. is a great service, but they monitor only a few popular sites. (They do not do news or blog monitoring.)
@johndavi Very excited to try this out. Already set up 3 alerts! Does this monitor for any mentions on the top social media networks as well? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Wordpress, etc? Also, how frequently are alerts send? Are they realtime, is it done hourly, etc. Thank you!
@adammash Hi Adam, great! This does not currently monitor social networks, though countless Wordpress sites are certainly in our index. We'll also ultimately be including comments and discussion forums in the mix via our Discussion API ( Alerts are sent ~realtime once they're found.
@adammash For monitoring social media in real-time (as well as other sources) you can always use ;) We have free plans and candy.
Already set some alerts, hope to receive something soon :)