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I understand the problem where people want the email addresses of a slack group. The problem is, do the users in the group want you to easily have their email? I know its public if you look out their profile but still. I've seen a number of complaints about people being mass-emailed because they are part of a slack group. Is there a way for people to opt out/in?
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@bentossell completely understand, and therein lies the controversy. Same with all prospecting tools. Maybe this tool will help eventually fix that is a decent post on some of the deeper security issues with Slack too -
@trevorhatfield yeah totally - this is definitely an issue Slack needs to address
@bentossell Seems more like a problem with Slack then with his tool. There's tons of scrapers like this out there for prospecting lists.
@mrkevinhype yeh thats what I said :)
@trevorhatfield @bentossell I think you may not have seen the question "Is there a way for people to opt out/in?"
what use case is there for this that doesn't involve sending unsolicited email to people?
@iamelliot Better see who is in your group, use with Adroll for display ads, create Facebook custom audience...there are other use cases, but you are generally right, same as all the other tools that gather email addresses
Hey Product Hunters! I would like to intro Slakster. It allows you to easily collect all the email addresses of the users in your Slack groups. Slack already shows email addresses within each user’s profile, Slakster simply extracts them into a CSV file for you to download via a Chrome extension. A simple tool to save time. It’s the responsibility of the Slack group admin to protect the email addresses of their group, and it is up to the user to abide by their associated Slack group guidelines. Slakster is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc. Please use Slakster responsibly. With that being said…. It took us some back and forth before deciding to post Slakster due to it’s controversial use. I even asked a friend to post it for us since their PH profile was far more developed than mine and they told me they decided not to because of the possible effect that it could have on their reputation. I completely understand this, however, once you have a decision like this to make it wears on you. Ultimately we decided to let it post. Why? 1. We would always be curious what would have happened if we didn’t post it. We know some people will despise us and others praise us...controversy is interesting and a part of doing something different. 2. There are many prospecting tools for discovering emails by extracting them from hidden sources (Ex. LinkedIn), but Slack already displays your email, so if you wanted someone’s email you already could get it anyways. 3. Because, Slack has ignored the request to hide users email addresses since 2014. With all that being said, I present you with Slakster.
@trevorhatfield don't feel bad. People do this manually. You're just highlighting the issue.
@trevorhatfield Utterly disgusting what you're doing here. As an admin of a large public Slack community that has had to deal with people spamming our members, I'm appalled at the product you're creating and how easy this makes it to damage public Slack communities even further. You're attempting to make a quick buck, by adding to the problem, and should be ashamed of yourself. Your justification that it's the responsibility of the Slack community to protect email addresses is hollow. Slack makes it pretty easy to create a popular, public community, but there's no way to hide emails of members, and creating a solution that uses email address proxies e.g., simply isn't practical or easily done. Please don't be jerks.
@trevorhatfield This looks to be a tool that without a doubt will hurt public Slack communities. Similar to Joost, I'd ask you to reconsider being jerks.
@trevorhatfield What @joostschuur said. People who develop tools like this are the lowest of the low, as far as I'm concerned. The fact that your team has then used it to harvest e-mails from MakerHunt (an exclusive Slack community for ProductHunt makers) and send us spam, is vile, a spit in the face to the entire ProductHunt community.
Wow, you can't really get much more targeted (and annoying) than scraping all of the email addresses in the WordPress slack group for a business who has WordPress users as one of their primary customers. I guess this tool points out a pretty gaping hole for Slack. Curious to see how this plays out!
This is a spam tool and should be removed
@levelsio It looks like this tool places responsibility in the hands of the user. However, since it doesn't send mass emails out after collecting them, in itself it is not a spam tool. You could use a hammer to put a hole in the wall, but that's not why it was actually invented.