Full screen public Slack channel display

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Yousef El-Dardiry
Yousef El-DardiryMaker@yousefed
Hi all! I'm Yousef and creator of SlackScreen. Thanks @milann for hunting! I built it as a cooler visualization for Slack more suitable for large screens / projectors. Mainly so you can show a specific channel (e.g. announcements) or an interesting public slack on office displays, but as @milann pointed out I think it would also be great for events. I'm very excited about how Slack evolves as a platform. This was my first swing at their API and it was quite a breeze to integrate (your browser connects directly to Slack via websockets so messages don't need to pass our servers). Since Slack is being used in so many different ways I really look forward to hearing your ideas for SlackScreen - just give it a try! I'd love to hear your feedback and will be right here to answer any questions,
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠Hunter@milann · Making technology come alive 🃏
This is pretty neat and cool, made by Amsterdam / Startup Delta colleague @YousefED. I can imagine this for conferences, public beta slack channels or communities of people (on and offline) to be presented on a big screen somewhere. Here's an example of Slack at a conference:
Guy Malachi
Guy Malachi@guy · Product/UX focused serial entrepreneur
Very cool, I'll definitely use this for something
Thomas Burgess
Thomas Burgess@ninjinka · Creator of Material Design Palette Deck
Great product, however I'm running into a couple issues. First, I added the integration on one computer and then when I tried to open it on another it kept telling me I had to add @slackscreen to the channel (it was already in the channel from the other computer). So then I tried removing the integration, and now whenever I try to go to it shows this error: {"timestamp":1460168784220,"status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","exception":"flowctrl.integration.slack.exception.SlackResponseErrorException","message":"invalid_auth. check the link","path":"/"} Or one that says something about account not active. Hope this helps you crush some bugs! :)
Yousef El-Dardiry
Yousef El-DardiryMaker@yousefed
Thanks @ninjinka will fix this asap and keep you posted :)
Yousef El-Dardiry
Yousef El-DardiryMaker@yousefed
@ninjinka Should be fixed now when you sign in again. Note that if you've added @slackscreen to the channel you'll need someone chatting before the messages show up. If you're still having issues please hit me up at myfirstname _at_
Archie Hicklin
Archie Hicklin@suparchie · 📬 🎨
I think we'll use this at our next Product Hunt Meetup! Awesome use of the API! Thank you